Highligths Malabia House

1555 Malabia House, Charming Hotel, is built where before was “Saint Vicent Ferrer” the Old Home Convent, patron saint of the house, whose image engraved in wall tiles of the period, is located in one of the walls of the Pond Garden, belonging to the Hermandad Seglar of Buenos Aires of the Order of Santo Domingo Church, naturally accustomed to receive guests from all over the world with the warmth and commitment to one´s neighbor adding the house a very particular atmosphere of peace and harmony, that is perceived from the moment you cross the threshold of their beautiful doors. SEE MORE


1555 Malabia House, Charming Hotel is located in one of the most artistic, bohemian and young neighborhoods of the city, surrounded by the most sophisticated restaurants and the international design houses, as well as stores of original and creative independent designers. Their fairs, squares, parks, lakes, cultural events and shopping centers turn it into a unique destination. SEE MORE


The staff team of 1555 Malabia House, Charming Hotel, has been highlighted by their friendly attention and care at the moment of meeting the needs of our guests. Our guest book thoroughly reflects the target of our hosts for those who stay here, to make them feel as their home, or even better. SEE MORE

Awards and Nominations

Throughout 17 years of hospitality, 1555 Malabia House, Charming Hotel, has been awarded with countless nominations to international awards for its service quality, its good taste, design and its unquestionable history. SEE MORE

Guest Book

Our guest book, the heart of the Hotel, is in the Sala Intermedia, it is in some way a reflection of the love and professionalism provided to the people visiting us and to so many years of offering a warmth and natural hospitality with excellence and at international level in every detail. We are proud to share in this space the experience of so many sensitive people who have stayed in this house and were so generous to leave messages, many times with suggestions, always well received. SEE MORE

Our eternal breakfast

In 1555 Malabia House, Charming Hotel, we respect the rest of our guests and their customs, for that reason breakfast has no limit of hours, thus, we receive international applauses. Every person, at his/her own rhythm and at the time he/she wishes, may enjoy the delicious breakfast with organic and homemade products. SEE MORE