1555 Malabia House Charming Hotel

House in Palermo Viejo

1555 Malabia House is a large porteña house in Palermo Viejo or Palermo Soho, Buenos Aires. It has 15 rooms where design predominates as well as the care of detail, the warm atmosphere in open spaces, the height of its ceilings, the harmony, peace, the garden fountains and natural light. It is the perfect combination of contemporary soul and traditional essence. This large River Plate style house perfectly integrates a unique and relaxed atmosphere that everyone perceives as theirs.

In 1555 Malabia House, Charming Hotel, we work to be the best host of the city and to remain our passion for guest services unchanged.

In the heart of Palermo Viejo, also called city Soho, the neighborhood Borges loved and immortalized in his works. The home of Señoras Laicas ordered in Hermandad Seglar of Buenos Aires of the Venerable Third Order of Santo Domingo, “San Vicente Ferrer” was founded at the end of century XIX , precisely in 1896, on a property donated for that purpose by a French lady to the Church, where there is the Manuel Belgrano mausoleum, creator of the Argentina Flag.
A century later, on October 1997, the historical convent is rescued from the oblivion by another lady who, once in the house, she knew she had finally found it, since her dream was to offer hospitality in a real and original porteña house, full of history, thus it is reborn as the first Charming Hotel of Argentina.
Thus on December 1997 began the refurbishment of the old Saint Vicent Ferrer Convent, opening on July 9, 1998. 1555 Malabia House, Charming Hotel, is located within the design circuit area in Palermo Viejo, or Soho, Buenos Aires, one of the most trendy areas of Buenos Aires.